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    Alpha Omega Ranch

    Palermo, ME 04354

    We focus our breeding program on creating elegant sport horses and warmblood types with spotted coloring using Akhal-Teke and Appaloosa horses.
    Categories: Akhal Teke Horse Farms; Appaloosa Breeders and Horse Farms; Stables and Horse Farms; Breeding Farms; Sport Horse Breeders and Stallions
    Region: Waldo County, Maine
    Rosewood Farm

    115 Moosehead Trail
    Waldo, ME 04915
    (207) 722-3726
    (207) 323-2243

    We are here for you and your horse(s) whether it is for a day, week, month, or year. Specializing in individual care, feed, training, and exercise programs. Each tailored to your individual horse's needs. Race horses in need of a little rest and relaxation from the track are always welcome.
    Categories: Stables and Horse Farms; Boarding Stables / Livery Yards; Horse Training Stables; Retirement Farms; Horse Hotels / Overnight Boarding
    Region: Waldo County, Maine
    Spirit of Hope Farm

    853 Lebanon Rd
    Winterport, ME 04496
    (207) 223-4243

    State-licensed shelter & rescue for horses in Winterport, Maine. Equipped with quarantine area for new arrivals, round pen, and trailer for transport. Christian-based humane education summer camps also offered on site.
    Categories: Horse Rescue Organizations; Stables and Horse Farms; Christian Community; Summer Horse Riding Camps
    Region: Waldo County, Maine
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    Spirited Horses Training Ranch

    1056 Halldale Rd
    Montville, ME 04941

    Here at Spirited Horses Training Ranch in the rolling green hills of Montville, Maine, it is our goal to create a horse and rider relationship through natural horse training. We train your horse with all the years of knowledge that we have acquired. Put together with that "natural" gift of "whispering" with horses, our goal is to be the perfect place for you to send your horse for training. Do not break your horses spirit; learn to work with it and enjoy it safely. Learn to listen to your horse and he/she will listen to you.

    "Train your horse....don't break it...

    And if he/she's broken...we can fix it"
    Categories: Stables and Horse Farms; Boarding Stables / Livery Yards; Trainers and Clinicians; Equine Physical Therapy; Horse Training Stables; Natural Horsemanship Training
    Region: Waldo County, Maine
    Fair Play Farm

    Burnham, ME 04922
    (207) 948-2159
    (207) 449-9098

    Categories: Appaloosa Breeders and Horse Farms; American Warmblood Horse Farms; Stables and Horse Farms; Breeding Farms; Lesson Stables; Sport Horse Breeders and Stallions; Horse Training Stables
    Region: Waldo County, Maine


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