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    A Balanced Hoof Farrier Services

    (306) 717-7635

    I am a horse owner myself, so I always offer professional, courteous service to you and your horse(s). I have been on the customer side, and I know what is important to do for my customers, as well as what not to do! My main goals are to have sound, healthy horses and satisfied customers. I am always willing to discuss your horses and their issues and also to work with your vet if necessary. I make it a point to treat all horses the same regardless of if they are a trail horse, a show horse, or a race horse. Every horse gets the very best... every time!
    Category: Farriers
    Region: Saskatchewan
    Regional Category: Saskatchewan Farriers
    Redneck Ranch & Farrier Services

    Odessa SK

    At Redneck Ranch, we only take on 4 outside horses a month for training. Us only taking this limited number of horses means your horse gets the attention it needs. When your horse leaves here, it should be able to go on to any discipline that you choose - with softness and confidence. When starting a colt or working with an older horse, we don't just ride in an arena. Our facilities include an outdoor arena and round pen. We trailer out to indoor arenas and local gymkhana clubs. We will also take them on trail rides through the Qu'Appelle Valley. All of our horses are started in the round pen and ridden in a halter the first couple of times. If needed, we will also ground drive them and, in the near future, will be breaking horses to harness. We both believe that the only way to get good quiet horses is to ride them and expose them to as much as possible, no matter what discipline you choose to do.
    Categories: Quarter Horse Farms; Farriers; Stables and Horse Farms; Breeding Farms; Boarding Stables / Livery Yards; Transportation; Horse Training Stables
    Region: Saskatchewan
    Spirit Castle

    Yorkton SK s3n2w7
    (306) 783-0023

    Riding lessons, training lessons, student horse boarding, professional showing, farrier service, and Boer meat goats. Basic horsemanship to advanced. Excel in natural horsemanship, western, English, and dressage. Fun in equi-soccer, broom polo, cross-country, jumping, trail, hack, jousting, and ring-jousting.
    Categories: Farriers; Stables and Horse Farms; Lesson Stables; Boarding Stables / Livery Yards
    Region: Saskatchewan


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