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Get the best horse wash services in town from Take care of your equines to keep them healthy. Find equine infection control to ward off diseases and stable cleaning and equine rug wash to provide a clean environment for your horses.
K9 Competition
K9 Competition

Borslovsvagen 3
25373 Gantofta MO

State of the art horse care; Made In Sweden.

K9 Competition Horse is made in Sweden of some of the best natural ingredients available
on the market in order to make your wise environmental choice simple. The products have a calming effect on sensitive skin and scalps and do not irritate.

K9 Competition Horse formula adds the active ingredients in perfect harmony, in order to give nourishment, moisture balance, and optimized coat quality. The products are easy to work with, disentangling, and time saving. They give the coat a shorter drying time and wonderful and long lasting results.

K9 Competition Horse is suitable for all breeds of horses.
Marjoman, S.L.
Marjoman, S.L.

Hoces del Duratón, 90
Polígono Industrial El Montalvo II
37008 Salamanca
+34 923192725

Marjoman, S.L. is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of products for horse riding. Combining long experience with the latest technologies to offer a select range of products for the horse. Its Spanish and Portuguese articles have become an international benchmark for quality and attention to detail; Marjoman already exports to over 20 countries. It's a company committed to constant innovation. Its latest achievement has been its thermoformable tree (patented) and the revolutionary Equi-Soft girth.

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Miroslavske Kninice
671 72 Miroslav

Natural horse supplements and shampoo.
Jupiter Equine Care
CH64 3RF
+44 (0) 845 388 4064

Jupiter Equine Care is a UK based manufacturer of products to care for horses and ponies. We use our expertise and understanding to create products that provide a real benefit for owners in the day to day care of their horses and ponies around the world.

Our products include Jupiter Summer Oil, which is a 100% blend of natural oils to break the itch and scratch cycle seen over the summer months. This product is used by riding schools, international dressage riders and trainers, and private individuals. For those that use it, it has become a important product on which they rely, and many have given testimonials to its benefits.

We also supply antibacterial and antifungal shampoos, sprays, and creams to maintain healthy skin and coats, especially through the winter months and where muddy fields and warm stables present ideal breading grounds for bacteria.

For day to day stable management, we have a range of cleaning products to maintain hygiene and for cleaning trailers and vehicles.


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