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Dressage Today (Subscription)

editor's pick

Dressage Today is devoted exclusively to the sport and art of Dressage. Featuring insights from the world's most respected trainers, riders, and judges.
Category: Magazines
Equus (Subscription)

editor's pick

A horse health publication for laymen, featuring articles on health care, behavior, training veterinary trends, exercise physiology.
Category: Magazines
Horse & Rider (Subscription)

editor's pick

Covers Western riding; articles on training theories and the latest information on health care, feeding and grooming.
Category: Magazines
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Horse Illustrated Subscription -

editor's pick

Your complete source to help your better care for and enjoy your horse. Get important information about healthcare, nutrition and behavior, tips on grooming and training, and in-depth profiles of different breeds.
Category: Magazines
Horse Journal (Subscription)

editor's pick

A product, care and service guide for those who love horses. Provides practical solutions and hands-on information readers can use. Makes product recommendations while keeping a back-to-the-basics philosophy on training, nutrition and horse care.
Category: Magazines
John Lyons Perfect Horse (Subscription)

editor's pick

John Lyons' Perfect Horse provides horse owners and riders with practical solutions to training and horsecare problems. In the pages of Perfect Horse, John teaches you his patient and consistent techniques to bring enduring and rewarding results.
Category: Magazines
Practical Horseman (Subscription)

editor's pick

How-to-do-it publication for the serious English-style rider interested in breeding, training and conditioning horses for hunting, jumping, and training.
Category: Magazines
Western Horseman (Subscription)

editor's pick

Magazine devoted to the western stock horse, including quarter horse and other breeds. Articles on training, breeding, showing, veterinary, rodeo, ranching, and general interest.
Category: Magazines
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Young Rider (1-year) (Subscription)

editor's pick

Packed with features, facts, photos, and fun stuff about horses and ponies. Kids learn about horse health, grooming tips, interesting breeds and famous horses, show-ring secrets, and how to improve their riding skills.
Category: Magazines
Chronicle Of The Horse, The


Published weekly from its offices in Middleburg, Virginia since 1937, The Chronicle of the Horse is a leading source of news and results for the entire sport horse industry.
Categories: Magazines; Forums
Aiken Horse, The

P.O. Box 332
Montmorenci, SC 29839
(803) 643-9960

The Aiken Horse is a bimonthly publication serving the equestrian community in Aiken, South Carolina. We are also available in a digital edition through our website.
Category: Magazines
Region: Aiken County, South Carolina
Regional Category: Aiken County, South Carolina Magazines
American Riding Instructors Association - ARIA

ARIA was established in 1984 to help promote safe, knowledgeable riding instruction. ARIA's official quarterly magazine, Riding Instructor, keeps its member instructors well informed of matters pertaining to their profession.
Categories: Magazines; Instructor Certification
Region: Lee County, Florida
Appaloosa Journal Online - AJO

2720 W Pullman Road
Moscow, ID 83843
(208) 882-5578

Categories: Appaloosa; Magazines
Region: United States
Bit & Bridle Magazine

P.O. Box 22
Adams, NY 13605

"Living life, loving horses."

Bit & Bridle is a Christian-based magazine available by subscription. This bi-monthly publication features exclusive interviews, columns by top horse trainers, subscriber interaction and contests, and much more! Subscribe today via our website. Rates are $15 yearly (as of June 2008).
Categories: Magazines; Christian Community
Region: Jefferson County, New York
Blaze Magazine

Fostering discovery and growth for youth with a passion for horses.
Categories: Magazines; Kids
Blood-Horse, The

Horse racing and breeding information from The Blood-Horse.
Categories: Magazines; Thoroughbred Racing
Bondegard Magazine, The

2862 Mobleys Bridge Rd
Grimesland, NC 27837
(252) 413-8955

Your source for everything equestrian. One of North Carolina's premium publications for the equestrian community. All breeds and all disciplines.
Category: Magazines
Region: North Carolina
Regional Category: North Carolina Magazines
Conquistador Magazine

The World of Spanish Horses.
Category: Magazines
Dressage Today

Training the horse for sport and art.
Category: Magazines
Eclectic Horseman Magazine

PO Box 174
Elbert, CO 80106
(303) 449-3537

"Just What Works!" Eclectic Horseman is a equine training publication here to provide a cross-disciplined approach to horsemanship for students of all experience levels.
Categories: Magazines; Web Design; Photography; Web Hosting; Film Production
Region: El Paso County, Colorado
Elite Equestrian

Elite Equestrian magazine. Equine magazine serving the eastern US. Printed 6 times a year, plus each issue is online at our website.
Category: Magazines
Region: United States
Regional Category: United States Magazines

Online horse and rider magazine.
Category: Magazines
Region: Australia
Regional Category: Australia Magazines
Equestrian Business Monthly

The Old Dairy
Watton Road, Hingham
01953 850678

A business to business informative publication for the UK and Ireland equestrian trade providing up to date news on events and happenings within the equestrian trade market, regular equestrian related features, and direct mailed every month to key decision makers within retail outlets (including pet and tack shops, online internet based retailers, country superstores, and feed merchants), distributors, agents, wholesalers, equine veterinary practices, racing yards, major studs, equestrian professionals, and manufacturers.

This publication is only available to trade businesses.
Categories: Magazines; Directories
Region: United Kingdom
Equine Journal

103 Roxbury St
Keene, NH 03431
(800) 742-9171
(603) 357-4271

Categories: Magazines; Portals
Region: Cheshire County, New Hampshire
Equisport Online

Apartado 264
2776.903 Carcavelos

Equestrian online bilingual site provides resources as well as international and national news. All about horses in Portugal. Updated daily.
Categories: Magazines; News; Reference
Region: Portugal

Horse care and information by Equiworld, your horse and pony magazine.
Categories: Magazines; Reference

The horse owner's resource.
Category: Magazines
Hold Your Horses Magazine

Hold Your Horses Magazine is our way to give an easy going equine venue to people who love horses and embrace the Thoroughbred world as a way of life, not just something to pass through.

We know that not everyone owns horses, but we do know that the horse brings out the best in all of us. We hope that Hold Your Horses Magazine will bring a smile to you on even the worst of your days.

Our goal is to provide easy, informative reading while recognizing the people who stand out in the equine world.
Categories: Magazines; Thoroughbred Racing
Region: Florida
Horse and Rider

The leading authority on western riding and training. This month in Horse and Rider magazine includes online extras, a table of contents, books and more.
Category: Magazines
Horse Illustrated

Horse Illustrated serves the horse owner by promoting the best in horse management, riding and training through informative, insightful and entertaining articles.
Category: Magazines
Horse Illustrated Magazine Subscription

For 35 years, Horse Illustrated has been a trusted source of information on responsible horse care plus training tips for all styles of riding. Equine veterinarians, farriers, and researchers bring you up to date information on horse health. Top trainers and world class riders answer your questions about English and western riding in every issue. Learn from the pros how to do it yourself on a budget. Whether you are an experienced equestrian or going to your first show, there's always something new to learn. Each issue features a detailed breed profile where you can get an in-depth look at favorite and fascinating horses from around the world.
Category: Magazines
Region: United States
Regional Category: United States Magazines
Horse Magazine, The

The Horse Magazine Online: The Ultimate resource for all things equestrian.
Category: Magazines
Horse of Kings Magazine

97355 Lebanon OR

(321) 288-0235

A celebration of the baroque horse, including Andalusians, Friesians, Lipizzans, and Lusitanos. We report on the historical significance of these royal breeds, their emergence as modern-day athletes, and their place as our beloved partners.
Categories: Andalusian; Friesian; Lipizzan; Lusitano; Magazines
Horsen Around / Southeast Equine

120 Chimney Hill Road
Columbia, SC 29209
(877) 288-9960 code 1312
(803) 776-4442

Publications featuring equestrian sports in the Midwest and the Southeast.
Category: Magazines
Region: United States
Regional Category: United States Magazines
Hunter and Sport Horse Magazine

Hunter and Sport Horse Magazine, sample articles, humor column, advertising and classified ads.
Category: Magazines
Ireland's Equestrian

MAI Publications, Revenue Chambers
St. Peter's Street
01484 435011

Category: Magazines
Region: Ireland
Regional Category: Ireland Magazines
Le Cheval Bleu

Great sires of France. Grands Etalons de France. Tous les groupes I depuis 1998. The blood-horse magazine. Le magazine du cheval de sang. English and french versions.
Categories: Magazines; Horse Racing
Region: France
Mane Connection

Source of equine related goods, services and information for Missouri! Horse related news, articles, and classifieds. Paper and on-line versions available.
Categories: Magazines; News; Portals
Region: Missouri
Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine, Inc. - MDT

1338 Hughes Shop Rd
21158 Westminster MD

Categories: Magazines; Miniature Donkey and Mule
Mules and More Magazine

PO Box 460
3934 Holt Rd
Bland, MO 65014
(573) 646-3934

Nation-wide magazine published monthly for mule and donkey enthusiasts.
Categories: Magazines; Donkey and Mule
Region: Gasconade County, Missouri
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