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Tennessee Farriers and Blacksmiths Directory

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ASAP Farriers & Blacksmith

Clarkrange, TN 38553
(931) 397-9254

Certified Journeyman Farrier. I will handle all your farrier needs; specializing in laminitis, founder, navicular, and natural barefoot horses. Will provide references to all worked performed. We handle your horse with a totally different mindset and work each horse through its own set of problems. Will break young colts in, too - identifying trimming and shoeing needs. We keep records on all worked performed for future needs. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Category: Farriers
Region: Fentress County, Tennessee
Regional Category: Fentress County, Tennessee Farriers
Deborah Hewitt Natural Hoof Care

PO Box 1482
La Vergne, TN 37086
(615) 585-8688

Providing natural barefoot hoof care to increase the performance and well being of your horses.

Deborah Hewitt Natural Hoof Care provides barefoot horse hoof trimming service in middle Tennessee. The focus is on developing and maintaining healthy, correct hooves. The ultimate result: soundness from natural form and function. Natural trimming addresses lameness due to laminitis, navicular, frog disease, white line separation, and more.

I am committed to offer my heartfelt service and skills to naturally rehabilitate and maintain your horse's barefoot hooves. Natural hoof trimming provides a proven, affordable, and effective alternative to conventional hoof care methods.

Contact me via email or phone. More information for the curious can be found at my website.
Category: Farriers
Region: Rutherford County, Tennessee
Regional Category: Rutherford County, Tennessee Farriers

Elliott Farrier Services

P.O. Box 506
Jasper, TN 37347
(423) 595-5192

BWFA certified.
Category: Farriers
Region: Marion County, Tennessee
Regional Category: Marion County, Tennessee Farriers
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Natural Hoofcare

461 Cedar Crest Lane
Woodbury, TN 37190
(615) 542-6089

AHA certified natural hoof care practitioner. Offering natural hoofcare for rehabilitation of lameness issues in equines and maintenance of high-performance barefoot horses. Servicing all of TN and neighboring states.
Category: Farriers
Region: Cannon County, Tennessee
Regional Category: Cannon County, Tennessee Farriers

Quality Hoof Care

2415 Chandler Road
Linden, TN 37033
(931) 729-1999
(615) 418-4671

Specializing in bare foot trimming. Serving Centerville, Charlotte, Columbia, Dickson, Franklin, Linden, and Waverly counties.
Category: Farriers
Region: Hickman County, Tennessee
Regional Category: Hickman County, Tennessee Farriers
Randy's Horseshoeing Service

Jamestown, TN 38556
(931) 879-9126

I am a full time certified journeyman farrier specializing in gaited breeds, saddle mules, and other light breeds. Prompt reliable service. Accepting new clients. Hot and cold shoeing. Call for an appointment.
Category: Farriers
Region: Fentress County, Tennessee
Regional Category: Fentress County, Tennessee Farriers
Ryan Kelly, Farrier

1166 Weaver Branch Rd
Bluff City, TN 37618
(423) 391-7469

Farrier / blacksmith willing to travel out of the Sullivan County area. Call with any questions or for prices.
Category: Farriers
Region: Sullivan County, Tennessee
Regional Category: Sullivan County, Tennessee Farriers
Gitchell Farrier Service

(731) 612-0791

Category: Farriers
Region: Tennessee
Regional Category: Tennessee Farriers
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gray horse with sunflowers

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Buck Farrier Service

Selmer, TN 38375
(731) 439-0868

Farrier service the equine athletes of the Southeast.
Category: Farriers
Region: McNairy County, Tennessee
Regional Category: McNairy County, Tennessee Farriers
Crites Farrier Service

Cedar Hill, TN 37032
(615) 696-2097
(615) 207-2364

Horse shoeing.
Categories: Farriers; Trainers and Clinicians
Region: Robertson County, Tennessee
Kessler Farrier Service

Rockwood, TN 37854
(865) 245-8094
(865) 242-7481

Category: Farriers
Region: Roane County, Tennessee
Regional Category: Roane County, Tennessee Farriers
Southwest Farrier Service

Nashville, TN 37122
(615) 818-6000

Reliable BWFA farrier, serving the middle TN area. Welding services also available.
Category: Farriers
Region: Wilson County, Tennessee
Regional Category: Wilson County, Tennessee Farriers

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