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    Standlee Hay & Feed, LLC

    Newark, DE 19711
    (302) 737-5117
    (302) 545-1000

    Premium quality forage grown in western Idaho and shipped east for the most discerning equine appetites. Standlee's ranch-raised products include bagged alfalfa hay pellets and cubes, alfalfa/timothy pellets and cubes, timothy pellets and cubes, beet pulp pellets and shreds, natural whole oats, orchard grass pellets, timothy grass pellets, and alfalfa/oat hay cubes.

    Also from Standlee are compressed bales of some of the most beautiful and aromatic premium alfalfa, premium timothy, premium orchard grass, premium alfalfa/grass, alfalfa/orchard grass, and certified alfalfa and certified timothy.

    Pampered equine athletes need the finest forage to reach athletic potential, and Standlee Hay & Feed offers its top line of products for those horses. Standlee Hay & Feed fosters a true passion for the hay industry and equine health industry and a mutual appreciation of equine sports.
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