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Racehorse Owners Association, The - ROA
Racehorse Owners Association, The - ROA
Jockey Club, The
Amateur Racehorse Representatives of Wisconsin - ARROW
Athens, WI 54411
(715) 675-4115
(608) 666-2394

We are a nonprofit racing organization that promotes horseracing in the midwest. As the name implies, we are for less experienced "trainers" that would like to get their feet wet and see if horse racing is for them. We are totally funded by sponsorship, stallion auctions, and entry fees. Great low cost way to get started in racing without huge licensing and insurance costs. You also have the chance to ride your own horse (no rider weight limits), so no more complaining about a gutless jockey! Many of our members go on to compete at professional tracks! There is also a chance to win money, as most of the sponsorship and all of the entry fees go into purses! The club also participates in other events, such as halter, sporthorse, and endurance racing. There is junior racing for kids 15 and up, a pony division for horses under 14.2 hands, and, this coming year, we hope to have the nation's first and only Fjord horse race! Great Arabian studs are available for very reasonable pric


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