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Slow-Express: Horse Drawn Caravan Journey through Europe
Slow-Express: Horse Drawn Caravan Journey through Europe
Neptunushof 5
5331TS Kerkdriel

Horse-drawn caravan journey from the North Sea until far in the east of Europe. With two horses, two people and a dog. No goal to reach, just a direction to take. Never to know where to sleep that day! On our website we cover all the important subjects, techniques, and all day chores and tasks, especially expressing our wondering about what happens every day.
The best description we ever heard and never forget: "It is a slow drive but there is so much to express!"
Actualidad Ecuestre
Actualidad Ecuestre
An Spanish blog with some interesting dressage news.
Finca Rancho El Rocio
c/ Larga 44-48
41130 Puebla del Río Sevilla
0034 605018400
0034 955771212

Blog for Caballos Peralta, Andalusian horse breeder.
Pragmatic Horsemanship
Pragmatic Horsemanship
Horsemanship blog by a trainer based on the corner of Surrey, Hampshire, and West Sussex. I'm interested in working with the way horses think to enable people and horses to have a safe and happy partnership.
De Plak 84
6681DR Bemmel

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