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Mundo de Caballos
Mundo de Caballos

El sitio mas importante de America Latina y España de venta y compra de caballos, servicios ecuestres, y notas hipicas.
Banana Bank Lodge
Banana Bank Lodge

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Box 48
(501) 820-2020

Banana Bank Lodge has been offering Belize horseback riding vacation packages and Belize tours to visitors world-wide for over thirty years. We specialize in Belize horseback riding which allows us to offer you a horseback riding vacation in one of the most beautiful locations on earth. We also offer a full range of Belize tours suited for a couple or the entire family. Contact us to arrange your Belize horseback riding vacation and/or Belize tours today.
Bashir & Rasul Enterprices
Bashir & Rasul Enterprices
Pacca Garrah
Bokan Road
51310 Sialkot Punjab

Manufacturer and exporter of equine dental tools of low prices with a 1 year instrument guarantee.
Leaves and Lizards
Leaves and Lizards

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La Fortuna
(888) 828-9245

Costa Rica equestrian journeys - more than a horse trek. Based at Leaves and Lizards Arenal Volcano Cabin Retreat in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

The Horses: The Costa Rican horses, Costarricense de Paso also known as Criolla, are a combination of several Spanish horses (Barb, Andulusian, Arab) and the Peruvian Stepping Horse. This magical combination has created horses with a smooth, comfortable gait. The spirit of the Costa Rican horses will touch your soul. They are fearless, sure footed, hardworking, and extremely versatile. The horses at Leaves and Lizards are cared for and trained using natural horsemanship techniques based on the 7 games of Pat Parelli. We offer a variety of horses to choose from.

The Environment/Weather: Costa Rica has around 30 different micro-climates. On the trek, you will be riding through at least 3 of these micro-climates. We are located on the Caribbean slope, and our weather is wetter; the rainforest is greener and denser than on the Pacific Slope. We schedule the treks during times of the year with the best chance for good weather. However, you may get wet on one or more of the trekking days. Unless you are the Wicked Witch of the West, you will live!

The Nature: Speaking of 'Oz'... you may feel like you have entered into the 'Land of Oz' during your journey. The trek takes you cantering across rolling hills, through rainforests, fording clear rivers, and trotting down isolated country roads through sleepy villages. Views from the hilltops are breathtaking. The Arenal Volcano dominates the vista; look the other way, and you'll see 3 more volcanoes in the distance. Across the northern plains, Lake Nicaragua shimmers on the horizon. You'll be sure to spot all sorts of creatures, including curious monkeys (without wings), happy sloths, dozens of species of flamboyant tropical birds, poison dart frogs, and maybe even an ocelot or other wild cat - just to name a few!
Manuel Trigo
Manuel Trigo
4023 Jaco

Manuel teaches lightness and proper horsemanship throughout every aspect of handling a horse. He is one of a few trainers in the world that practices the dressage of the classical European Masters, an art nearly lost today.
Monteverde Tours
Monteverde Tours
Desafio's Monteverde horseback directory. Custom tours of all types for all levels of experience.
Mountain Equestrian Trails
Mountain Equestrian Trails

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Mile 8 Pine Ridge Road
00000 SanIgnacio Cayo

Belize travel and vacation packages. Jungle, horseback riding adventures, caving, birding, Maya ruins, and lodging.
Colonia Maquilishuat 925B
San Salvador
503 79301936
503 22630002

Various show jumping horses. Warmbloods and English saddle horses.
Vinculo con Caballo (The Horse's Bond)
Vinculo con Caballo (The Horse's Bond)
Alegre Equine Air Transportation - AEAT
Carr. 186 Km 23.9
00745 Rio Grande
(787) 501-4661

Alegre Equine Air Transportation has been in business for more than 30 years offering world-class equine air transportation. We are especially proud of our reputation as a Caribbean leader in the field of safe, efficient, and timely travel of both thoroughbreds and show horses. Specializing in the Caribbean and South & Central America. Experience matters. Providing reliable, safe, and on time service when moving horses takes attention to detail, much care, and lots of firsthand experience. We can say with confidence that there are no better experts in horse transportation to serve you.

Thank you for considering Alegre Equine Air. We look forward to flying your horses!

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