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Advanced Equine Dentistry
Advanced Equine Dentistry
6602 Bar-O-Ranch Rd
Santa Fe, TX 77517
(281) 642-2530

Info on Equine Dentistry: The vital role dentistry plays in the overall health and quality of life for the horse.

Mobile and clinical equine dental services.
Licensed by the Texas Vet Board.
Fees vary with the needs of the horse and travel.
Wesley (Wes) Hardy EDP
Advanced Equine Dentistry & Vet Services Inc
Advanced Equine Dentistry & Vet Services Inc

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13223 Sunfish Drive
Hudson, FL 34667
(727) 514-0462

Dr. Jay Clifford, DVM & Richard Grist, CEqD, are now taking advanced equine dentistry to the next level. Their practice offers one of the first ever air-conditioned, mobile dentistry/vet hospitals. See and experience the difference for yourself. See why you will NEVER settle for a "routine float" again!

Our new mobile equine hospital, the Med-E-Vet EQ-28, is designed with the safety and comfort of your horse in mind. It is complete with many features that allow you, the horse owner, to relax and observe your horse receiving the top quality care that he/she deserves.

No more holding your own horse's head up while he/she is sedated. No more sweating and straining in the hot Florida sun. Now our clients can relax in a cool, controlled environment while your horse is treated with the utmost professional care. Mobile equine dentistry.
Amanda Compton, EqDT Equine Dentistry
Amanda Compton, EqDT Equine Dentistry

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1196 Hites Road
Middletown, VA 22645
(304) 582-5885

"Improving Your Horse's Performance and Increasing Its Longevity Through Better Dental Care."

Experienced Equine Dental Technician (EDT) registered with the Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine. Please visit my website or Facebook page for bio and services or to ask a question.
American Equine Dental
American Equine Dental
P.O. Box 1802
Billings, MT 59103
(888) 447-7884

Based in Montana - serving the nation.
Optimizing health - maximizing performance!
Avisar Veterinary Services
P.O. Box 14225
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 541-2821

Equine podiatry and dentistry.
Bar Diamond Equine Dentistry
8820 Reese Rd
Harvard, IL 60033
(815) 546-1547

Serving the greater Mid-West. Bar Diamond Equine Dentistry travels from North Carolina to Colorado and from Minnesota to Texas. Also check out some of our fine Quarter Horses for sale.
Bar-F Equine Dental Services
14743 Jefferson Rd
Morley, MI 49336
(231) 856-7075 home
(989) 506-1159 cell

Matt Fleser, EQDT
Providing dental care to all breeds of horses. Manual and power tools used. Practicing since 2002. Providing services to MI, WI, OH, IN, & KY.
Break'n Acres Equine Dentistry
17066 55th Place
McAlpin, FL 32062
(609) 682-0054

Ron is an equine dentist who attended the American School of Equine Dentistry in 2002 and was trained by and studied with Dr. Ray Hyde, who is one of this country's leading equine dental instructors; he trains veterinarians who don't get enough dental training in vet school.

Ron has had the Royal Lipizzaner Stallions as clients. Until his move to Florida, Ron was one of only a few in Virginia who were registered with the Virginia Department of Veterinary Medicine and legally allowed to practice in the state.

I have stood in mud puddles and snow storms and won't compromise anything to do the best job I can.

Ron has worked at many race tracks on the east coast and in many back yards. All horses get the same attention to detail. Ron has a good following on the internet - just search "Break'n Acres Equine Dentistry". Ron works on most horses un-sedated, making use of his horsemanship skills to gain a horse's trust in a matter of minutes.

I believe that a horse HAS to be as calm or calmer when done as they were at the start.
Breton Equine Veterinary Services, LLC
22150 Monterey Pl
Leonardtown, MD 20650
(301) 475-2222

Providing equine ambulatory services in general medicine, surgery, and dentistry.
Burgin Veterinary Services

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P.O. Box 703986
Dallas, TX 75370
(214) 460-5583

Burgin Veterinary Services is based in Dallas, Texas, and offers completely mobile equine dental services primarily to North Texas. We utilize state of the art dental instruments and a portable horse stock, allowing us to provide you and your horse with the best in equine dentistry without ever leaving your barn. We have the specialized equipment and experience necessary to work with all breeds and types of horses, from minis to drafts.


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