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Four Winds Hay Supplier
Dana Silkiss
(570) 250-6173 (PA)
(516) 851-2522 (NY)

Your new hay supplier. Premium NY / Pennsylvania hay! Competitive pricing.

- Timothy
- Timothy Grass Mix
- Alfalfa
- Orchard Grass

Email / call for quote and see if we're priced less than you're paying now!

Of course we deliver!

Mention this ad and receive your 10% discount!
276 Valley Road
Mohrsville, PA 19541
(717) 222-2304
(610) 926-4942

Quality hay, straw, and bedding company.

We sell and deliver some of the finest Nevada Alfalfa and Western Timothy.

Fully guaranteed against mold or dust.

We deliver anywhere.
Merrymount Farms, Inc.
Merrymount Farms, Inc.


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