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Equine Practice, Inc, The
Equine Practice, Inc, The
(772) 285-3866

Equine Dentistry Without Dramaâ„¢

1. Remove all sources of pain within the mouth so the bit becomes an effective aid in riding.
2. Perform equine dentistry in a safe and effective way.
3. Have the equine dentist use horsemanship and experience in applying his trade.

1. My goal in floating a horse is to remove all sources of pain within the mouth of the horse.
2. My experience since 1983 and over 41,000 floats makes me very effective in addressing every edge of every tooth.
3. My experience as a horseman since 1973 is the foundation of this practice.
4. My experience as an equine veterinarian helps to understand the process.

1. I respect your horse while effectively remove sources of pain from your horse's mouth.
2. I use horsemanship skills to communicate with your horse to determine the correct approach for each horse.
3. I have very effective pain medication which I use in 1 horse out of every 10.
Advanced Equine Dentistry & Vet Services Inc
Advanced Equine Dentistry & Vet Services Inc

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13223 Sunfish Drive
Hudson, FL 34667
(727) 514-0462

Dr. Jay Clifford, DVM & Richard Grist, CEqD, are now taking advanced equine dentistry to the next level. Their practice offers one of the first ever air-conditioned, mobile dentistry/vet hospitals. See and experience the difference for yourself. See why you will NEVER settle for a "routine float" again!

Our new mobile equine hospital, the Med-E-Vet EQ-28, is designed with the safety and comfort of your horse in mind. It is complete with many features that allow you, the horse owner, to relax and observe your horse receiving the top quality care that he/she deserves.

No more holding your own horse's head up while he/she is sedated. No more sweating and straining in the hot Florida sun. Now our clients can relax in a cool, controlled environment while your horse is treated with the utmost professional care. Mobile equine dentistry.
Break'n Acres Equine Dentistry
17066 55th Place
McAlpin, FL 32062
(609) 682-0054

Ron is an equine dentist who attended the American School of Equine Dentistry in 2002 and was trained by and studied with Dr. Ray Hyde, who is one of this country's leading equine dental instructors; he trains veterinarians who don't get enough dental training in vet school.

Ron has had the Royal Lipizzaner Stallions as clients. Until his move to Florida, Ron was one of only a few in Virginia who were registered with the Virginia Department of Veterinary Medicine and legally allowed to practice in the state.

I have stood in mud puddles and snow storms and won't compromise anything to do the best job I can.

Ron has worked at many race tracks on the east coast and in many back yards. All horses get the same attention to detail. Ron has a good following on the internet - just search "Break'n Acres Equine Dentistry". Ron works on most horses un-sedated, making use of his horsemanship skills to gain a horse's trust in a matter of minutes.

I believe that a horse HAS to be as calm or calmer when done as they were at the start.
Eddie Esparza - Equine Dentist
13529 NW 82nd St Rd
Ocala, FL 34482
(352) 209-6009

Providing professional dental care for your horse from minis to drafts. Keep your horse healthy and happy; Call me to schedule an appointment today. You or your horse won't be disappointed.

Serving all Ocala, FL, and the greater surrounding areas.
Equine Dentist
5670 W Atlantic Ave #202
Delray Beach, FL 33484
(352) 425-2456

- Equine Dentistry by Dennis Mattei
- Licensed at Florida Thoroughbred race tracks
- Over 25 years' experience in the United States, Europe, and Asia
- Dressage, Jumpers, and 3 Day Eventers
- Hand Float
- Specializing in Caps, Half Caps, Slivers, and Wolf Teeth Fractures
- Resident of Delray Beach, FL

Proteus Sound Equine Services
Proteus Sound Equine Services
Cocoa, FL 32926
(321) 987-2222
(321) 432-1585

Two equine dental technicians, both graduates of the American School of Equine Dentistry. Equipment for horses and donkeys from draft to mini. We use either hand or power floats.
Smiling Horse, Inc.

(606) 854-4690

I'm Dave Gibson, an Equine Dental Technician. I am a 2004 graduate of the American School of Equine Dentistry. Since graduating, I have practiced equine dentistry from Maryland to Miami and as far west as Lexington, KY. I offer group, large barn, 4-H, and refer-a-friend discounts. I usually try to schedule friends and neighbors on the same day to help keep farm call rates low. I work largely unsedated with manual tools; I do own power tools, but rarely need them. Vets are on a case by case basis. If I feel safety ( be it the horses, yours, or mine ) has, or is going to be compromised, then we will need to get a doctor. A horse health fact sheet and a coupon are available for print on myspace ( dave the horse dentist ), or on facebook ( Dave Gibson Eqdt ). Feel free to call if you have any questions.
KC Equine Dentistry
Ocala, FL 34480
(352) 209-6478
(352) 804-3518

Kelly Charles EqDT is a graduate of The American School of Equine Dentistry. KC Equine Dentistry provides equine dental care combined with client service for individual horse owners, professional trainers, and small and large boarding/training facilities. We provide nearly every type of equine dental care from routine maintenance to advanced diagnostics and standing extractions. We are located in Ocala, FL, and serve the majority of central Florida. Routine dental care is essential for a healthy horse!

We also offer group discounts!

Call us today!


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